Información general

Información general

Director of the Center for Fundamental Living Technology / University of Southern Denmark

Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT) for Physics & Chemistry
University of Southern Denmark

External Research Professor
Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, USA.

Selected Awards & Honours:

-2009 Top-5 Scientific Break-Through in Denmark. Rasmussen, Maurer & Monnard.

-2005 Top-5 World Technology Network Reward, Biotechnical Category: Protocell Design.

-2004 Los Alamos Achievements Awards for Excellence: Simulation of Critical Infrastructures.

-2004 Los Alamos Achievements Awards for Excellence: Protocell Design.

Selected edited and authored books:

-L. Andersen & S. Rasmussen, What practical policy ought to focus on, ISSP Press, 2015 (book Danish)

-Living technology: 5 Questions, eds. Bedau, M.; Hansen, P.G.; Parke, E. & Rasmussen, S., Automatic Press / VIP. p 236, (2010)

-Fellermann, H.; Dörr, M.; Hanczyc, M.M.; Laursen, L. L.; Merkle, D.; Monnard, P.-A.; Støy, K. & Rasmussen, S., eds, Proceedings of the 12th Int. conf. on synthesis and simulation of artificial life, Eds. Fellermann, H., MIT Press, 2010

-S. Rasmussen, M. Bedau, L. Chen, D. Krakauer, N. Packard, and P. Stadler, eds.,  Protocells: Transitions from nonliving to living matter, eds., MIT Press Book, November 2008 (First comprehensive book on state of the art in protocell research).

-Towards the Artificial Cell (theme issue). Solé, R. V.; Bedau, M. A. & Rasmussen, S., Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences; vol. 362, 1486; 1725-1925 (2007).