The organizing committee calls for


– Contributed papers (max. 20min + 10min for discussion): Please submit an abstract of 300 words prepared for review.

– Contributed symposia: Please submit an abstract of 600 words prepared for review. The abstract should include: 1) a general description of the format and the topic of the proposed symposium and its significance (up to 500 words) and 2) a 300-word abstract of each paper (3-4 papers). In order to arrange a symposium, we require that a group of 3-4 people organize themselves and send to us 3-4 abstracts ready for evaluation.

Please note that all papers will be read in San Sebastian.

If you need a registration certificate or the confirmation of the acceptance of your proposal in order to obtain a visa, institutional help, etc., we encourage you to register as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might be difficult to obtain all the documents you need on time.

Submissions of Abstracts and Titles (PDF): From the 1st of November of 2017 to the 31st of July of 2018.

Please, send us a single PDF document including your ABSTRACT(S) and TITLE, your NAME, INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION and CONTACT DETAILS.

The PDF document must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Selection Criteria

The utmost priority of the International Ontology Congress is the fidelity to the original project of rethinking the great questions of fundamental philosophy, using the tools provided by contemporary thought to that end. For that reason, we will value clarity in the presentation of the problem in the first place. Erudition will be valued just as long as it is instrumental to that goal. Consequently, the Advisory Committee of the 13th edition will take into account a clear link with the congress subject in its different aspects, besides the general scientific and philosophical quality of the paper.



1. Since “Solvay 1927”: Nature and Quantum Physics (state of the art).

2. Back to Ionia: the conception of Physis that makes Physics possible.
 * Although the XIIIth edition of the International Ontology Congress will give priority to the sections mentioned above, papers focused on the development of the concept of nature will also be welcome, for instance, "the concept of nature in the Middle Ages" and similar topics.
All papers will be exclusively presented in San Sebastian.